How To Write An Introduction For A Research Paper?

Most times, the introduction to a research paper is associated with the beginning of the paper. But this is quite different, your introduction must have certain elements. In this article, you will find useful tips on how to write an introduction for a research paper. This part of the research paper presents your topic to the reader.

While writing an introduction for a research paper, most students get confused in the process of trying to get their thoughts together. However, there some rules and standard structures which will do your work in this part of your research paper easy, you will become more efficient by following these laid down rules. But if you think this is too difficult for you, there are professional research paper writing companies that you can pay to help you write your research paper with ease.

Let Us Understand the Introduction of a Research Paper

The introduction of a research paper is the first part of the paper, where the reader reads first before focusing on the main article. Therefore, some definitions and other important points and information must be included here for a more fundamental understanding of the entire paper.

The context of a research paper is crucial; this allows your readers to understand the work you have done in your research clearly. It is this context that you must have in the introductory part of the research paper. The introduction may seem very easy when you look at it. But you have to be creative when writing your introduction; it has a role to play in the engagement of readers on your research paper. Therefore, you must endeavor to get everything right.

The introduction of your research paper will reveal the reasons behind your decision to carry out that research. From the introduction of your research paper, your readers should be able to tell what the entire research paper will be all about, and whether or not they need to read it to the end. As said earlier, it is essential to create a compelling introductory paragraph; this will keep your readers engaged. It will ensure that your readers read your research project until the end. Additionally, you should state the hypothesis of your project; this is usually the research statement that may either be accepted or rejected after the entire paper has been written and all the points thoroughly and logically analyzed.

Things to include in the introduction of a research paper. It is vital at this point to learn about the crucial elements that are supposed to be included in the introduction of your research paper. See the list below to know the outline you can follow when writing your introduction:

  • State the research topic;
  • Create the background and context of the research topic;
  • Give the readers an idea of the research work you have done;
  • State the rationale behind your research;
  • Tell your audience about the importance of your study;
  • State the research hypothesis.

What Are the Various Other Relevant Elements of An Introduction to A Research Paper?

Apart from the significant elements listed above, the introductory part of your research paper may also contain a couple of other aspects like the general objective of the research work and the specific goals of the research paper. Additionally, it should include some other factors such as a brief informative history of the topic, the recent discoveries that relate to that topic, etc.

Begin by Clearly Stating Your Topic

The topic is a fundamental part of any research paper. You must ensure that you write your topic in capital letters to ensure that it is bold enough for your readers to have a clear view of it. There is no hidden secret about writing the introduction of a research paper. You need to state your topic and connect it with specific topic issues that are relevant in the study.

Generally, it is recommended that you start your research paper with a general overview and then narrow down your points to more concrete elements. At the introduction of your research paper, you should be careful not to go deep into the state of affairs as it concerns the issues surrounding your research.

Provide A Review of The Literature

In the development of your research paper, some literature reviews are required. While your research paper can sound subjective, if you can back it up with relevant citations from the research work of some notable people, you will drive home your point without questions. While you are citing distinguished scientists and scholars, you must not neglect some modern scholars that have a stake in the research topic on the ground. In the introductory part of your research paper, you will state what the literature of the research will be talking about in the study.

Emphasize on The Rationale

The rationale is the major points of your introduction. The moment you state your research topic, you must prove that such a topic is relevant. The rationale of your essay serves two purposes; it reveals the importance of your research and your attitude towards the study. The rationale of your research should be brief enough to reveal to the reader at a glance how important the research is.

Write Your Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the last part of an introduction to a research paper, and then from here, you will move to the actual research work. This statement further explains everything you have written, but this time, the information is collected concisely and logically. If the subject of your research seems too complex to be understood at a glance, your thesis statement will enable you to make it more transparent. The thesis sets the tone for which the entire paper will be written. Therefore, you must be conscious of it.

Your thesis statement should be able to achieve the following:

  • Provide a general overview of the topic;
  • It must be compelling and up to the point;
  • It should show the importance of the research work.

Close the Introduction with The Research Outline

When you have done all that is needed in the introductory part of your research paper, you will now create the outline of your research paper. Note that not every supervisor will require you to create the research outlined in the introduction of the research paper, but sometimes, you may be asked to emphasize some elements in your future study. The outline of your research is usually a short paragraph that has about four sentences which briefly explains the plan of the research paper. You can also visit the reference section of your library to get some examples of an introduction for a research paper to get an idea.