How to Write A 10-Page Research Paper?

A 10-page research paper may sound like it is a “walk in the park”. But it is not as easy at it seems. It becomes even more difficult when you do not have enough time to concentrate on it. Notwithstanding, if you approach it rightly, you will accomplish it with so much ease, and with enough time to spare. If you are a student, you may probably be searching for how to write a 10-page research paper effectively. Well, in this article, we will talk about some significant points you need to consider when writing a 10-page research paper. Following these essential tips will make your work easy and flexible, and at the same time, getting the best quality.

Things You Should Pay Attention to In A 10-Page Research Paper
When writing 10-page research, there are a couple of things to which you must pay close attention. However, the most important things you should consider are listed below:

Structure of The Research Paper

There are specific strict guidelines for the structure that every research paper must follow. Although there are a couple of acceptable deviations, it is recommended that the writer follows this structure as much as possible. For example, your university or college may have a standard structure for writing any research paper that will be submitted to the institution, if you fail to follow these guidelines, your research paper may not be accepted.

The Sources of Information

For every academic research work, someone has done something similar somewhere; therefore, your work must not be in isolation from all others. Additionally, the quality of your research paper may be analyzed based on the variety of sources.


Academic institutions pay close attention to the format of every research paper, it part of the determinants for evaluating a good research paper. Whether or it is APA or MLA, if you want to get a good score from your research work, you must adhere to the format set by your institution.

Revision and Proofreading

This part of the research work is often neglected; this will determine whether or not your research will be accepted. Your research work will look and sound well-polished when you proofread it thoroughly to get rid of the jargons. 

How to Write A 10-Page Research Paper to Sound Logically Appealing

It does not matter whether or not you have a few hours to the deadline of your research paper; there is one thing that remains constant; there are specific guidelines and conventions which your paper must follow. However, the details of the research paper may be different depending on the topic of your research. But the structure of your research paper is always the same.

Below Is How to Write A 10-Page Research Paper That Will Be Appealing:

The introduction is the part of your research paper that gives the readers an idea of what your research is all about. The most important part of your introduction is called the “hook”. The hook is the first sentence that catches and holds the attention of the reader. There are so many ways you can achieve this. First, introduce a fact that is unexpected and fascinating; you may add a quote from a remarkable personality. Just put anything you think is exciting and attention-grabbing.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a brief statement that explains your research paper; this is different from your main topic. A thesis statement also tells your readers your stand on the issue on ground. Ensure that your thesis statement is kept short and straight to the point.

Body Paragraph

The body of your research paper is the part that contains the primary information you have in your research. It is essential to introduce and discuss only a single point in each paragraph. Doing it this way will make it easier for both you and the reader to understand and navigate the document easily. Every section must follow the same style; stating the point, providing supporting evidence, and the defence of possible arguments.


The conclusion is just a brief summary of all or some of the points you have highlighted in the body of your research paper. There is no new information that is added here.

The Sources of Information; where to get your information
There are a couple of websites that index journals, where you can find the top-ranking related paper that you can use as a source for your research paper. Nevertheless, there are limits as to where to get information for your research paper. From the newspapers to statistical data, different things can help you. Bear in mind that whatever source you use, you must provide proper citation.

Formatting: How to properly format your work with the required writing style.

Formatting your research paper in the right way is a straightforward thing to do because you have the required guidelines already. All you have to do is to follow the rules. The most academic institution uses the globally accepted writing format; the APA or MLA, this means that you can use resources online that will give you instructions on how to apply these guidelines. In all you do, ensure you are attentive enough to follow the stipulated format as much as you can.

Revision and proofreading; polishing your research paper

The requirements for the writing formats may be different depending on the academic discipline. However, they all comply with almost the same traditional writing style, just a slights difference that can sometimes go unnoticed. Revising or polishing your paper research involves checking whether or not you follow these guidelines.

Below Are Some of The Things You Can Check When Revising Your Research Paper.

  • Don’t use passive: using a passive voice in your research paper makes your work sound boring. If you must use a passive voice, try limiting it a specific sentence.
  • Don’t use colloquial language: when you are writing a scientific paper, you must use appropriate language.
  • After you are done writing your paper, don’t just go ahead to revise it immediately. Take some days off; this will help you to concentrate better and to see the hidden errors when you eventually edit it.

We sincerely hope that this information on how to write a 10-page research paper will be beneficial to you in creating your killer 10-page research paper. Though it may not be exhaustive enough, it will surely give you a picture-perfect idea about how to start.

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