EvolutionWriters.com review

It is not right to conclude that service is excellent by merely looking at the design of the platform. But there is no denying the fact that EvolutionWriters is a beautiful website, but that does not mean you can trust the site. However, that is what we want to establish in this EvolutionWriters review. But the bottom line is that when you see the website of most research paper writing services, you will get discouraged because everything looks complicated from the first glance. A research paper writing platform should have a website that makes it easy for users to navigate, and that is what EvolutionWriters has done.

Top-class ENL Writers

One of the first things you have to look out for when hiring a research paper writing agency is the level of professionalism with which they deliver their services. An academic research paper writing platform may not have professional authors who are ENL writers. And then to conceal this fact, they will say that they have expert writers from across the world, this surely indicates that such a company has ESL writers. But this is not the case with EvolutionWriters. At EvolutionWriters you will find only writers who are native speakers of the English Language. Be sure that every professional writer on this platform has a degree. They also boast of functional experience in academic research paper writing.

Discounts and Bonuses

EvolutionWriters offer some of the affordable prices you can get anywhere in the paper writing industry. There are so many factors that determine the amount you will pay for a research paper. One of these factors is the academic level of your research paper. The more advanced the academic level, the more you will be charged. However, the lowest price you get for any service at EvolutionWriters is $9.97/page.

Though you may not find a discount for new clients, you can still contact the customer support team to know if there is any when you want to place an order for a research paper. Additionally, if you are returning buyer, the platform as a mouthwatering loyalty program for you, nevertheless, there are specific ways a customer can reduce the cost of the service. One of them is that when you place an order for the first time, you are automatically entitled to a 10% discount on your next order.

Furthermore, the platform has a bonus program for a client who places an order that is worth a specific amount of money. For example, if you place an order that is more than $500, you are entitled to 5% discount on all your future orders. If this sum of money is up to $1000, you will get a 10% discount on all your future orders. This idea is right for you if you hope to maintain a long-term partnership with the platform.

Online Reputation

To get rid of any doubts whether or not EvolutionWriters is a research paper writing platform you can trust, you will head down to the internet to see the numerous reviews left by past and present clients. Though you may see a couple of bad reviews, you must be careful to read them well because real customers may not have provided some of them. It may just be a ploy by competitors to discredit the platform. You may ask, how can one differentiate fake reviews from a real one? When you see a review that does not have an order ID, then it is likely that the customers who have left these reviews are not real.

Customer Service

EvolutionWriters has an excellent customer support team. This team is always ready to answer any question and clarify any issue that may bother you.


EvolutionWriters has an apparent warranty, and this is one of the aspects people care about when it has to with a research paper writing platform. For example, the company has stipulated the several cases for which you can be granted a full refund, and this is very clear. You can find this on the website’s refund policy.

You can find guidelines on what you will do if you are not satisfied with the quality of the final delivery of the research paper. This guideline is detailed that is, it has answers to every possible question that may arise.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to discuss any hard feelings with the customer service team. Their guarantee is so explicit that you do not have to fear that they will manipulate their policies when you encounter a problem.

As for the question of whether or not to trust this platform, they are evident on their Terms of Use, and since you have nothing to fear, you can trust them to deliver when you desire.

Ordering Process

It is straightforward to place orders at EvolutionWriters. They have an elementary and straightforward order form. The order form has six fields that you should complete. You can include the instructions of the research in the order form or upload it as a separate file, and this is usually for complicated instructions. You will also find the extra features field, but the particular area is not mandatory.

Paper Quality

The quality of the research paper you will receive at the close of your order will be top-class. The professional writers at EvolutionWriters ensure that they follow the customers’ instructions to give them exactly what they want.


  • ENL writers;
  • Clear guarantees;
  • A lifetime discount for loyal customers;
  • A simple order form.


  • Not 100% online reputation which causes some doubts in the reliability of the service.


From the preceding, we can rightly conclude that EvolutionWriters is a legal company that is only interested in delivering top-quality research papers. Therefore, you can trust them. From first glance, the website does not appear cheap. It has taken a lot of investment to get the site to look appealing and impressive. Not only that, the functionality is superb. They also offer a straightforward money-back guarantee. Not every research paper writing company will do such. Additionally, compared to the top-class quality you will receive, the prices are quite affordable. So, place your order and be sure that your peace of mind is guaranteed.

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